DACC  International Pvt.  Ltd is a Leading manufacturer of zinc and Aluminium based alloys with strong market share of Zinc based die casting components.  We have an industrial experience of 47 years,   with manufacturing of high purity grade alloy  “Zamak”  and Aluminium.  The great satisfaction and appreciation of our esteemed customers is the real asset that we have preserved within this long period.  The quality of our Zinc based die cast components has proven the purity of our alloy that reflects on our products.  We get the advantage of our manufacturing system for production of Zinc die cast components that starts from our core raw material (alloy)   to all processes till dispatch is done in one premises.  These facilities are probably not available throughout the world under one roof. Since every process is done in same premises,   we ensure the best quality of the product,  which is our Unique Selling Preposition(USP)